A good story starts with imagination. This is a good start. You are reading this. I imagined you would.

What’s Up?

What’s Up?

Not real sure, around here, we keep seeing some odd-looking Dragons.  It’s a picture/board book idea that Julie is working on.  She is drawing dragon faces now.

Did you know that Julie drew all the pictures in Snowball?  We are trying to get her to write a blog post about. She keeps telling us she isn’t an artist.

Artist is one of those subjective words.

Snowball is about a little girl about ten…

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Monday Afternoon Water Cooler

Monday Afternoon Water Cooler

Well, we are still up, and running. There was some debate around here about keeping or ditching this blog. We have high hopes at some point of having a function, (you can buys stuff) website.  We just aren’t there, yet.  Ok, truth be told, one of us isn’t there yet.

So what are we a doing here?  Well, Julie is busy working on more children’s stories as well as some adult fiction.  There has been…

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In the middle of reorganization.  You know like Spring cleaning but the difference is the season.

Tomorrow we may go dark for a moment.  But we should be up and running by Monday.

In fact that is when you just might start seeing activity here again.

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Latest on

J. Kolb is working on rewrites of her first adult fiction, genre? Well, that has yet to be determined, we’re waiting to see what she comes up with in the final draft. 

Dear Diary,

What you think an old middle assed aged woman can’t have a diary? Are you nuts? Middle age doesn’t guarantee that we have it all figured out. Sure some of us (not that you can see the ten fingers…

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Nook Version available

So the Nook version ebook of Snowball is up and available.  Snowball by Julie Kolb 

Work on going with the print version.  Hopefully soonish, still.

Word had it over the Labor Day weekend that six copies had sold to date.  Awesome!  Around here, that was really good news.  What? Low numbers frighten you?  Why?

You have to start somewhere.

You start at one.  First page, first chapter, we all even…

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Have You Meet The Sisters of Earth And Sky?

Have You Meet The Sisters of Earth And Sky?

J. Kolb introduced this morning her followers to a couple of great gals.  We reblog here that  here with links to the Sister’s inspiring post.  

Favorite Stuff

Here is a little something that is a favorite. I call them the ‘SEAS’ because their way of navigating the seas of life appeals to me, they call themselves ‘SOEASY’ because that is their approach to living, and they share that ……

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Confused yet?

Well, then I am just not doing my job if you aren’t.

Remember that first book was a children’s story.  Well, not all my writing is suitable for children.  That is why, if you remember, a new blog for more mature stories was started.  to be exact.  Over there I just posted my first thousand words of the original rough draft of Sinister. That is where I am starting with the rewrite.


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