End of Vacation

Sad time.

It is so exciting, vacation, especially the beginning. Halfway through it was still pretty upbeat.  Now heading into the last few days, it is definitely getting sad.

It has been a great vacation.  Enjoyable, fun, just down right fantastic vacation.

Today has been the first day looking forward to the end of vacation.  Mix of feelings about it.  Some anticipatory, some fear, and…

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Summer Plans

Working.  Yeah, I call this work!

Moving posts from here to my personal blog. (www.byjuliekolb.com)  What? Why? Well, this is the business site, duh.  Business? Yeah, no, well, maybe.

Kind of confusing in the self-pub, go-it-on-your-own kinda thing.  It is more like cutting a new path where there wasn’t one before.  It is rather gnarly, and that isn’t meant in a ‘cool’ way.  It’s stumble, fall,…

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Yep.  I am taking one.

So, while this might appear to be a lame post, it really isn’t.  I am truly on vacation.  Out of town, out of my normal environment, and catching up with a friend.

So, while she might have become a little lame, and won’t tell me that the shirt I just bought needs to go to my daughter.  That’s ok, my daughter will surely let me know.  Tsk, tsk, we are all slipping in our old…

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Painting Isn’t My Thing

Painting Isn’t My Thing

This week was paint a room week.  It wasn’t random. The color and room had been selected for at least a week.  Procrastination was the name of the game.

Painting when the weather is humid, not the brightest idea.  We had rain every day.  It took the paint more than two hours to dry. Only on my last coat did it the light bulb over my head go off.  ‘Bring in the fan from the garage!’  That last…

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It’s Thursday, Again

It’s Thursday, Again

Earlier this morning there were two posts written for here, but since they are redundant, they got trashed.  Nothing new to comment, still working on details as previously posted.

Waiting is starting to get on my nerves.  After all the rewrites and time spent on drawings, really ready to get it out there and move on to the next story.  Actually working on two.

The second grandchild’s story, and…

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Details … Z . . z . . z . .

Details … Z . . z . . z . .

As always, it is working out details.  In this case ones we didn’t realize until we got this far.  Here is where a degree in publishing, marketing, and writing would probably have come in handy.  Luckily, there are those who have been able to consult with some wisdom.

Our time line has again been reconfigured.  Thankfully there are still six more months in this year.  Good thing my expectation…

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Have you ever started a business?  Some of you will say yes, some no.  Well, here now, we are still in the throes of start to start up.

Editing Process.

For those fellow bloggers, do you have an editing process or procedure?  How do you deal with ‘hot topics’ or controversial writing/information.  That is where we are in the process.  Seems benign enough doesn’t it.  Never had a real need for it,…

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More Like A Throw-up Thursday, Than a Throwback

What? What is that?

Well, today we went and filed more papers to make us a legit business, of sorts.

Seriously, self publishing, vanity business, egotistical much?  Not really.  We, was because ‘me‘ was too chicken to do so by myself.  Actually, I was close to a full blown panic/anxiety attack.  Nervous as a mouse surrounded by cats.  EEK!

It is done.  Still have little minor details to set up…

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Change Info

Curiosity getting to you yet?

Well, first move, if you take a look, a new category was  added.  Yep.  Authors.  Right now it is just me, Julie.  But maybe, someday, there might be more?  Maybe, could be.  Now, it is indeed just me.  That’s it, no more.  Nada, won’t help ya.

Why? Because we are still figuring this out.  We, yes indeed, we. I have now become a we.  Relax, I haven’t split my…

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Monkey Business

There is some funny stuff going on in the back ground.  Not funny ‘ha-ha’.  Funny – ‘Oh! Man! What th’?’ kind of stuff.  Meaning?

Meaning.  I am starting to set up my very own writer blog.  Again. Yes, again.  Consolidating my various styles and purposeful writing to one website.  Yes, again.  But don’t fret these changes are ‘in the works’ as they say.  If you are a follower eventually you…

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