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Curiosity getting to you yet?

Well, first move, if you take a look, a new category was  added.  Yep.  Authors.  Right now it is just me, Julie.  But maybe, someday, there might be more?  Maybe, could be.  Now, it is indeed just me.  That’s it, no more.  Nada, won’t help ya.

Why? Because we are still figuring this out.  We, yes indeed, we. I have now become a we.  Relax, I haven’t split my…

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Monkey Business

There is some funny stuff going on in the back ground.  Not funny ‘ha-ha’.  Funny – ‘Oh! Man! What th’?’ kind of stuff.  Meaning?

Meaning.  I am starting to set up my very own writer blog.  Again. Yes, again.  Consolidating my various styles and purposeful writing to one website.  Yes, again.  But don’t fret these changes are ‘in the works’ as they say.  If you are a follower eventually you…

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Change, or Growth?

Well, here I go making a mess of things before the everything is ready.

Pardon the weird posting today.  WE are making some decisions on design, set up and marketing.  (thud)

That thud sound. That was me fainting away dead on the floor.  Well, not literally dead. Or figuratively dead.  Fainting, not even that really.  Shock.  Stupor.  Definitely shocked and feeling pretty stupid for not having a…

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Change Is Coming!

Spring cleaning will be coming to the website soon!

For you who like routine and same old same, giving you some warning.  Not sure yet how, when or what exactly.  We are working on it.  ”We” meaning we are getting this business actually up and running.  It’s still really in the embryonic stage, so gestation isn’t complete just yet, but it’s getting close.





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Confidence-no solid ground? Change where you stand. Get new shoes. Works

Came across a piece of paper during the ‘winter clean of 2014′.  It had on it this -


My feet weren’t on solid ground.  

So I changed where I was standing and got new shoes.


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Granted when change happens, some things won’t stay the same, but not all. Keep what works.  Something doesn’t and you are not(translate that to mean I’m not) getting what I want done - either my…

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I am pausing to celebrate.  I finished all the illustrations!

Now on to the cleanup and persnickety part of self publication.

Now I can work on writing the next story.

There some clean up work to be done before this will be out and available for you, but we are so much closer than we were.  It has taken this long because I want to put my very best effort out there.

Thank you for your patience.

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Ultimately It Comes from Within- PRESSURE

As this week started I was still crawling out from under the rock of pressure I set down on myself.  Gotta get this going.  I am behind schedule and plans.

Then I got a sign that help was coming.  It came a year or so ago in the form of The Artist returning home for a while.  We reconnected and she made me stop and be quiet.  ’Be yourself, Mom.’  We helped each other.

Now I got The Son back home.…

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Wednesday, AKA I Did WHAT?

Wednesday, AKA I Did WHAT?

The day began with meetings.  (My eyes are rolling.)  I am not a ‘meeting’ person.  I get off topic and ramble, meeting or not.  I feel for those who had to waste their time with me today.

They, on the other hand, were extremely helpful and we are another day closer to getting that very much belated 10th Birthday gift completed and on the market.  When?  I am not sure exactly.  There are several…

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What? The cause?  Oh, that, yeah.   The cause of my headache on a Friday, is a business meeting.  What business meeting? The one where we make decisions and discuss the formation of what it is going to take to put my story, stories in virtual reality.

Whew!  It is the nitty gritty of what needs to be done, what has to be done and all that goes with it.  Not that we haven’t done this before.  We…

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AVOIDANCE yeah, I said it.


No, not right now.


I don’t know how much later, but later – later, not sooner-later.  REALLY late.

Kind of like – push-pin.  Really contradictory words.  Push means to move, pin would indicate one spot, held down. So how do you move and hold down in one spot at the same time?

That kind of avoidance.

In order to write I need time. Don’t we all, for whatever we want to do.  We need…

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